Most smokers want to quit. They know smoking damages their health, even threatens their lives. Most have tried to quit already by one means or another. The chances are that all applies to you as well.

You probably also know hypnotherapy has a well-established reputation for helping smokers stop. That is because hypnotherapy can provide the essential psychological support you need to quit once and for all.

Our therepeutic sessions are designed to re-enforce your own determination to stop smoking – helping to make the transition to being a non-smoker far easier than you may have expected.

The smoking cessation therapy consists of one single session lasting approximately two to two-and-a-half hours. The first part involves lots of questions. This builds up a picture of what smoking means to you;  discover how you feel about it … when and where you tend to smoke … what concerns you about your smoking.

During the second hour. hypnosis is used to deliver suggestions to your subconscious mind to enable you to stop smoking without the usual withdrawal symptoms and side effects. You are given carefully structured suggestions which influence your expectations and behaviour, bolstering you wish to stop smoking and making it easier to do so.

You will also be taught a simple but effective self-hypnosis technique enabling to take yourself into a state of deep relaxation and re-enforce your determination to remain a non-smoker. A self-hypnosis CD and short training booklet are also given free as part of the therapy.

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