The Stop Smoking Reading website been created by the Therapy Partnership to explain ways in which hypnotherapy can help smokers living in the Reading area to  successfully and permanently end this lethal habit.

If you are a smoker who wants to stop smoking we are keen to help you achieve that ambition.

The Therapy Partnership is a long-established Reading-based hypnotherapy practice which covers Reading, mid-Berkshire, North Hampshire and South Oxfordshire and has, over the years helped countless smokers become ex-smokers.

Smokers are offered free, without obligation consultations.   If you are a  smoker you can come along without cost and without obligation to ask questions, get to know the therapist and decide whether this is the way you wish to overcome that potentially deadly nicotine addiction.

The single two-and-half therapy session is also explained together with  information about the self-hypnosis techniques you will also be taught to ensure you remain a non-smoker.

In addition you will see details of the Therapy Partnership's undertaking of free, back-up support if required within one year after therapy.